Events past and present

Christmas in Axbridge Square 2018

‘Prelude to Peace’


Church of St John the Baptist, Axbridge 10/11/18


A procession, singing Dona Nobis Pacem, opened a bold and ambitious evening, tracing a line from the first World War to the present. The evening was a seamless tapestry of music, readings and visual images, rooted in the socio- economic contexts of past conflicts, and written by a group of Axbridge people, including our very own David Parkin. Performed in two halves by a team of volunteers from the local community, and to a full church, the first half focussed less on the devastation of war itself, but rather the aftermath – globally, nationally and locally.


The second half was a reflection and celebration of peace and peacemakers. Two songs by the choir portrayed the preciousness of peace: ‘Shalom Aleichem’, a gift from our friends, the French choir ‘Cantagarrigue’, was rewritten in English for the evening. ‘Child with Dove’, composed by our choral director, Stella Moore, ended the evening with a message about the fragility of peace, and was inspired by the Picasso painting. Participation in the evening was a great joy and it was a privilege to contribute to the message of peace – an important mission for everyone.


Lyme Regis Folk Festival September 2018

Visit from Dan Landrum and Aaron O'Rourke from Tenessee May 2018